Affordable Wedding Favor Ideas

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Wedding favors serve as tokens of appreciation from the bride in return for the chance of sharing in this special moment in her life. These nifty gifts should not be expensive; in fact, quaint and personal pieces are appreciated more than generic and commonplace trinkets. The following are alternatives to expensive wedding favors, without bordering too much on the nongift category.

Thrift stores carry an assortment of inexpensive mini baskets on their shelves. Pick up a batch of these and stuff them with candy, then adorn with a lace ribbon or flower for a bit of accent.

Small, colorful candy mint tins are also great gift boxes for stuffing candy and little teddy bear figurines. To add further sweet and spice to the package, add a personal touch by folding and inserting little quotes into the tins so that the receiver will have something to remember the occasion with.

Little carry all bags are also offered inexpensively at specialty shops and online gift shops. Try to add variety in the designs so the guests can choose as they please. Don’t forget to put a little something in the bags, and print a lovely tag on the bag which indicates the couple’s names and the date of the wedding, with a sincere ‘thank you’ as a finishing touch.

Candles are probably one of the more popular gifts because of their enduring appeal. They suggest longevity, peace and harmony. Scented and unscented candles are available in wide varieties and in a price range which will suit any budget.

Key chains are tried and tested trinkets which are used as wedding gifts. Try to add a personal touch by printing short details of the wedding on them; remember to choose key chains that complement the over-all theme of the wedding, for example, a tulip or maple leaf inspired keepsake for a garden wedding.

For the nature lover inherent in you, a gift of a small potted plant goes a long way in expressing your personality. These little plants can be quite inexpensive and is more affordable if they are ordered in bulk from a nearby nursery. Put a dainty tag on the plant, with quick instructions for its care, so that the receiver may be able to appreciate the gift even more for months, and even years after the reception.

Seed packets are nifty wedding favors because of their symbolism; the seed symbolizes hope, new journeys, and fresh beginnings. Purchase the seeds in bulk, then repack them into tiny paper sachets or cute fabric pouches, and then stuff them in tiny plastic pails for an added effect. Don’t forget to include a note on the inside of the pail for a more personalized touch.

Cookies are also great gift favors, and they come in relatively inexpensive prices if they are ordered in bulk volumes. Be sure to add variety to the presentation, since cookies differ in color and texture, and assortment is a better approach in packaging.

Remember that the favors you give will have their intended effect if you package them with a sincere and loving touch; no matter how inexpensive the gift, the receiver will appreciate it more if it is made with a painstaking personal accent, which means that you stretched your self out of your way in order to give them the best thank you note that you possibly can.