Hen Night Fever

wedding party

Who to Invite

Although the actual plans for a hen night may be a surprise, most brides like to be involved in the guest list. Only those going to the wedding should be invited, and usually it is just the closest friends, bridesmaids and family. It is a great opportunity for getting together people from different parts of the bride or grooms life before the wedding day. There are no rules about inviting family. If the bride wants to invite the mothers then do so and adjust the plans accordingly. You may find that a mum who does accept the invitation will just want to come for drinks or dinner and then leaves the younger hens to the rest of the evening.

The Cost

Budget carefully and establish costs before booking anything. Unfortunately, many hen night organisers have been stung by potential hens who say they are coming but pull out at the last minute leaving the rest to pick up extra costs. To combat this, start by liassing with the bride for the guest list, check if there are any bad dates (exams, holidays, other weddings or commitments) before sending invitations. Put together a list of costs including:

  • Food and entertainment package (or expected separate costs for food, drink and entertainment).
  • Contribution to any games, outfits, presents or prizes. Before booking anything, give this breakdown to each of the hens and ask for confirmation of their contribution and ask for a deposit.

What to Wear

Now this obviously depends on what you are doing, but be prepared to have a little dressing-up session. A decorated veil, silly costumes, L-plates, condoms, flashing earrings and deeley boppers (showing my age!) are popular and could even earn you a free drink or two. If you dont want to go over the top, then badges or t-shirts printed with pictures, names, silly messages or hen party are fun and inoffensive.

If it’s fancy dress you are looking for then here are some tried and tested formulas from forumites:

  • Jo dressed a friend in a sparkly pink tiara and pink feather boa. She stuck particularly nasty photos of the bride onto name badges, which were worn by the fellow-hens!
  • HelenW had L-plates, a fake veil, a garter and an inflated condom.
  • MelanieC wore a plastic ball and chain, a huge inflatable willy, a plastic tiara, a veil and L-plates.
  • A friend of Leigh-Annes dressed-up as Little Bo Peep.
  • Niamh and her friends are going to the Singalong Sound of Music dressed as nuns.
  • CatherineW wore a white dress and a veil complete with L- plates, condoms, handcuffs, Ann Summers posing pouch, viagra box and Pill boxes. The rest of her party dressed up as devils (with flashing horns) or angels.